Ops & Tactics

Ops & Tactics

Based loosely on d20 systems, Ops & Tactics offers semi-realistic brawls, gun fights and crafts.

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Ops and Tactic's optional magic system offers new and fresh look at Magic by combining base effects with different modifiers, allowing for endless customisation and individualisation!

"Dispatch, we have a 10-53 on..."

Designed for everything police investigation to para-military violence, Ops and Tactics excels in modern combat. Want to run a game where the Atlanta SWAT takes down gangs or a para-military operation in 'Nam? We've got you covered!


With most modern firearms and tons of historical firearms statted and ready for use, Ops and Tactics is by far the most comprehensive gun Pen and Paper.

"Edges partially cauterized. Possible enchanted weapon.."

Ops and Tactics includes an optional low-magic setting where modern technology and recently emerged mathamethics-based magic go hand in hand, opening up a whole new selection of game themes: from Magical Terrorists to Arcane Investigators!